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Introduce proxy-ns (a proxychains alternative)


Table of Contents

proxy-ns is a lightweight(about 100 lines of code) tool to redirect any programs' traffic to your local socks5 server.

Unlike proxychains (which uses LD_PRELOAD hack), it sets up a vpn(using tun2socks) within a specific linux network namespace, and execute the target program there.

1. Features

It has several advantages over proxychains:

  • UDP support
  • Works for statically linked programs

2. Installation

2.1. Arch Linux

proxy-ns is available at AUR

3. Configuration

You may need to change SOCKS5_PORT



# Set TCP_ONLY to 1 to force DNS over TCP

4. FAQ

4.1. Error: "Could not resolve host"

Your proxy server probably doesn't have UDP support, so dns lookup won't work by default.

You can enable TCP_ONLY in /etc/proxy-nsd.conf, to force dns lookup to use TCP instead.